As a multi-engineering company, we never view a project in just one performance phase, but over its entire life cycle. In doing so, we are in close contact with the expert teams of the upstream and downstream phases, thus creating the best possible conditions for the emergence and life of a property.


To us, architecture means implementing design and visualisation tasks from the perspective of diverse use options, sustainability and sensitive interaction with the project’s surroundings. Our services range from simply creating pictures to illustrating ideas and visions and developing complex structural geometries. We do not restrict ourselves to particular types or topics; every task, be it a simple family home or a large stadium, is given the same care and commitment. We pay particular attention to the content elements of the design work: we think of architecture as the interplay of form and function.

Our planners have high quality standards – accompanied by excellent cost awareness and extensive experience with interdisciplinary collaborations, these lead to remarkable planning results. Our team of architects is your ideal contact, whether the task involves rendering buildings or building components, compiling and presenting room layouts, a complete detailed design – or anything in between.

ServicesFeasibility studies | Architecture competitions | Conceptual design | Approval planning | Execution planning | Visualisations

Fire protection

We work closely with everyone involved in planning to develop an individual fire protection concept founded on our longstanding expertise. Our customers can be sure of economical, safe building from the start. Basic components of our services include consulting during the competition stages, feasibility studies, fire safety inspections, fire protection plans, etc., right up to commissioning and drawing up revision documents.

We create value
through innovative design.

Mechanical & electrical engineering

Increasingly complex requirements for sustainability, energy efficiency and smart buildings – not to mention user convenience – are leading to a greater focus on mechanical and electrical engineering during the design stage. We have the requisite competence to address these changing requirements, with longstanding experience in this area and a good understanding of the increasing cost shares that must be allocated to M&E during construction. Our interdisciplinary approach is based on all departments working collaboratively on one BIM model: this facilitates exact, detailed planning right from the design stage.

Planning from a single source - we believe in the synergy between design and technology as the foundation of pioneering building projects. As an integrated general planner,  TOTALPLAN can offer longstanding expertise in the fields of architecture, structural planning, mechanical & electrical engineering and fire protection,.
We are supported in our daily work by modern systems and methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and LEAN Design.

We never view a project in just one single working phase, but over its entire life cycle.